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Where there’s a will, there’s peace of mind…

Where there’s a will, there’s peace of mind…

Press release: 02/03/2023

The Chronicle – Thursday 2 March 2023

Solicitors from Chester, Ellesmere Port, Neston, Frodsham and Chester have joined forces to bust some of the common myths around wills and encourage more individuals to make a will for their own peace of mind and the sake of their loved ones.

They’re backing the’ Make a Will Week’ initiative (13-17 March) in conjunction with the Hospice of the Good Shepherd and offering their impartial, professional will-writing and updating services completely free of charge in exchange for a donation to the hospice.

“None of us likes to be reminded that we won’t live for ever but there’s no doubt that making a will is a sensible and worthwhile step to take, for lots of different reasons,” said Mark Brown of Taylor Brown Solicitors, one of the local firms backing the campaign.

“Wills are not just for people with money, expensive houses and valuable possessions,” Mark continued. “They are for anyone, of any age, who has anything that is important to them and that they want to pass on to an individual or organisation.”

Donna Eland of Rowlinson’s Solicitors in Frodsham agreed: “Wills are as much about passing on things of emotional and historical value as financial value. They enable us to control in detail what happens to the things that are really important to us and yet only 31% of adults actually take that step. In the worst case scenario, an individual’s wealth can go to the government if they haven’t left a will.”

Donna added: “Another myth is that wills are just for older people to think about. In fact, if you’re older than 18, it’s a good idea to have one, especially if you own property, pets, or have children. After all none of us can predict the future and we don’t know how long our lives will be.”

Adele Bebbington-Plant from Cullimore Dutton who are also participating commented: “As solicitors, we often hear people say that that they don’t have enough things of value to justify making a will. The fact is that we often take what we own for granted and seldom stop to think of what they might actually be worth.

“Many people put it off, even for years, and sometime until it’s too late. It’s human nature to want to ignore some things but not making the right arrangements in the right way too often cause deep and long-lasting resentment and create family rifts that sometimes never heal. We should never assume that the people we love really know what we want to happen after we die.”

“Wills need not be complicated and long-winded. They can be drawn up quickly and efficiently, and for most people they provide a real sense relief and reassurance knowing that their wishes are clearly set out. That’s got to be good for everyone concerned.”

“We’re really pleased to support this campaign,” Adele added. “It will help more people understand why it makes sense to make a will and that it’s not just about goods and money. For example, few people are aware that with a will you can choose guardians for your minor children, name caretakers for your beloved pets and specify your funeral wishes.”

An increasing number of people in the UK remember their favourite charities in their wills. In fact, many major charities extensively depend on the money and sometime the goods that are left to them. Last year people left more than £3 billion in their wills to good causes, making up about a third of charities’ voluntary income.

“Family and loved ones must always come first but even being left just 1% of the value of someone’s estate can make a massive difference to a charity like ours,” said Hospice of the Good Shepherd Director of Income Generation, Caroline Siddall.

“These gifts have always been critical to us and will become even more so as our costs and overheads continue to rise.”

She continued: “Of course, we all have our own good reasons for supporting those charities that are particularly close to our hearts and that must remain everyone’s personal choice but we hope that individuals from all the communities we serve – Chester, Ellesmere Port and Deeside – will consider supporting the hospice in this way.”

Caroline added: “In the meantime, the donations we receive from people who decide to have a will drawn up during Make a Will week will help us continue our valued work. We are immensely grateful for the participating solicitors for supporting our work in this way.”

Individuals can make an appointment direct with the participating solicitors. Taylor Brown, Ellesmere Port: 0151 378 2887; Cullimore Dutton, Chester: 01244 356789; MGC Solicitors, Neston: 0151 336 7405; Swayne Johnson, Tattenhall: 01829 700333; Rowlinson’s, Frodsham: 01928 735333.

In addition, the Hospice of the Good Shepherd organises monthly Will Clinics with local solicitors at the Hospice.

Clinics will take place on 9 March, 18 April and 18 May. To book or for more information contact the hospice on 01244 851811 or visit the Make a Will Event page

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