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Matilda Morris-Barnes.

“They looked after Grandad with reflexology, medicine, ice cream and lots of love.”

Patient Ruth Hislop

“Despite everything I’m going through, I consider myself very lucky to be here.”

Patient Ruth Hislop

“Everyone seemed to understand what we were going through.”

Ashley English

“The hospice is a phenomenal place with incredible staff.”

Lyndsey Morris-Barnes

“Despite all his fears, concerns and negative expectations, Peter was happy here and grateful to be here, thanks to the doctors and nurses. That was an amazing gift to us.”

Lyndsey Morris-Barnes

“I wonder if the nurses, doctors and volunteers have any real idea of the depth of impact they had on us, and I’m sure many families before us.”

Patient Ruth Hislop

“This is a truly special place where you feel cared for as well as cared about.”

Patient Ruth Hislop

“They do so much when I am struggling. They’re always there for me in the darker moments, usually at night when I can’t sleep or the pain is bad. It’s thanks to them that I’m still here.”

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