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Marianne Legry, Our superstar volunteer


Marianne talks to us about her experience in working with the Hospice in Daycare and Fundraising.

Why did you choose to volunteer for the Hospice?

Unfortunately my niece was diagnosed with Breast Cancer so I experienced first-hand the care Hospices give. People often judge a Hospice as a place where people go to die, but it’s so much more than that. It provides palliative care to make sure people have the best life possible until the end.

I started with Fundraising because they were so busy and I knew I could commit to helping then. There are great bunch of people.

How did you find out about volunteering at the Hospice?

I found out through a friend. The process was really simple, I just rang up, came in for a chat, and ran my relevant checks then before I knew I was on my first day! From day one, everyone has made me feel really valued. It’s so satisfying and makes you feel very humble. I also work in day-care and it’s like visiting family, we are all so close.

What do you think the benefits are of volunteering?

It puts our own life into perspective. The patients are poorly yet so happy to see you and speak to you and it makes you value your own life. My job is to help patients enjoy life and just doing that makes everything so satisfying. It’s amazing too for career progression. I suppose that depending on the stage you are in life volunteering will have many different benefits, but for me it’s so humbling.


If you would like to spare a few hours a week and volunteer here at the Hospice, please contact Sue Beckett on: susan.beckett@hospicegs.com or call: 01244 566732