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Harvey aged-6 is to hold Charity Star Wars party for Hospice appeal!

Harvey Hughes-Sharps, aged 6 is no stranger to publicity. In 2015 he sent a small jar of coins and a heartfelt letter to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd to say “I have raised money by doing some chores to say thank you for looking after my mummy, I miss her very much.” He continued to raise funds for the Hospice and other worthy causes and later that year, Harvey went on to win the Trinity Mirror and Scottish Power overall Young Person of the Year Community Award.
Harvey was only four-years-old when his mum Rachel sadly lost her battle with cancer. Rachel was diagnosed with cancer shortly after Harvey was born and fought a long and brave battle with her illness, defying all odds to live long enough to see Harvey start school. Rachel tragically passed away at the Hospice in December 2013.
Both Harvey and dad Jonathan from Guilden Sutton in Chester received counselling support from the Hospice of the Good Shepherd Bereavement team to help them deal with their grief and also provide them with the chance to explore their feelings and memories. They continue to attend Bereavement drop-in sessions at the hospice throughout the year along with Katherine, Jonathan’s fiancé, in order to share their experience with other bereaved families and also celebrate Rachel’s memory.
On Mother’s Day this year, around the same time it would have been Rachel’s birthday, the family took time to decorate hearts with words that described Rachel and her life. Katherine and Harvey also did a special ‘time machine’ activity to visit some happy memories of Harvey with his Mum and explain them using his senses and emotions to paint a picture in his mind. Here is Harvey’s poem to his Mum,
“Mummy memories….your big smile right up to your big blue eyes.
Your tinkling laugh, quiet at first then growing to fill my ears,
Wrapping your arms so warmly around me,
Choosing ice cream. Reading to me at bedtime. Lifting me up high.
Watching the sunrise through your bedroom window.
You put my photo on the fridge…it’s still there now.
Harvey aged-6″

Now Harvey has a special request. He will be 7-years-old in June and has asked if he could have a Charity Star Wars party to raise money for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd’s ‘From Silver to Gold’ appeal. In his letter he says, “Just after I was born my mummy got poorly and found out that she had cancer. Two years ago my mummy died, but the Hospice helped her, my Daddy and me by looking after us when we felt scared. Now I want to help other people that are going through the same thing.”

He is asking friends and family to make a donation to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd as opposed to buying him presents. Anybody wishing to sponsor Harvey’s special Star Wars party or donate a raffle prize can contact helen.booth@hospicegs.com or call 01244 851811.

The Hospice of the Good Shepherd’s £2.2 million From Silver to Gold Appeal will enable us to double the size of the existing building and to increase the offer of specialist care and support for the next 25 Years.

We have already raised an incredible £1.7 million through the help of trusts, foundations and individual donors and we are now calling on local ‘good shepherds’ to help us raise the remaining £460,000.

Harvey’s dad Jonathan said, “We are looking forward to supporting the Hospice in their From Silver to Gold appeal – we will be eternally grateful for the support we received. Harvey enjoys going to the drop-in sessions at Backford as it brings back happy memories of his mum and both myself and Katherine are very proud of his decision to donate his birthday presents to the Hospice.”

Steve Hoy, CEO of the Hospice of the Good Shepherd said, “We are delighted and humbled with Harvey’s kind offer to donate his birthday presents in aid of The From Silver to Gold appeal. The Hospice of the Good Shepherd’s new build shows total commitment to provide care and compassion to our local community so that we can be there for people like Harvey, his mum and dad.” He continued “The new building will be attached to the present hospice building and will allow us to extend and accommodate all our Day Therapy activities and reach more people, including a new café, hairdressers and physiotherapy room. It will release much needed space in the present building. We are appealing to the local community to support us and to help us grow your local hospice!”

Ways to help us build is to ‘Buy a Virtual Brick’. It’s an amazing way to give to the appeal and your name will appear on our website. You can purchase a brick from £25.00 by calling us on 01244 851811 or by going online to www.hospicegs.com