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Harvey, Aged 5, Raises Hundreds for Charities

Harvey Hughes-Sharp, aged 5, sent the Hospice of the Good Shepherd a letter earlier this year with a beautiful hand painted jar full of coins, it said,

“I have been doing chores to raise money for the Hospice to say thank you for looking after my mummy, I miss her very much.”

Harvey’s mum, Rachel, sadly lost her battle with cancer in December 2013 after fighting her illness so bravely. Dad, Jonathan explains. “Rachel was a very bright and determined person that took control of her situation, which if you know the medical profession, especially specialists, was a feat in itself. She was determined to make her last days with Harvey as normal as possible, and even on the day she collapsed with her first brain tumour, she was up and out with Harvey and myself at Ness Gardens not long after. She defied the odds to not just survive to see her goal and be there when Harvey started school, but do it with strength and dignity.”

The Hospice raise funds to provide bereavement support to adults and children in the local area, all donations are welcome.

Harvey letter