13/10/2024 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

This 300ft bungee jump in Tatton Park is a special event and happens on selective dates throughout the year and is the highest regular jump you will find anywhere in the UK.

Tatton Park is a fantastic location, with the jump itself taking place over the vast picturesque lake. As you reach the dizzying height you will have a few seconds to appreciate the huge 1,000 acres of deer park and the stunning scenery before you take the giant leap of the 300ft platform!


Registration – £10.00
Minimum Sponsorship – £295.00


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How old do you have to be to do a bungee Jump?


No under 14’s
14 to 16 year olds require a parent or guardians permission and signature.

Is there an upper age limit?


There is no upper age limit, however all participants must be fit and healthy.


If you are over 50 years old, you must seek professional medical advice before jumping and you will be required to sign a non-standard waiver stating this, alongside the fact you are aware that your age may contribute to a greater risk of aggravating any present or past medical and/or physical condition.


Are there any health restrictions?


You can NOT jump if you are;

Pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.


If any of the following apply, you must seek professional medical advice before jumping and sign a non-standard waiver; which can be found here;

High blood pressure
Heart condition
Suffer from dizziness or epilepsy
Damage to neck, back, spinal column, legs or eyes
Medication – if you are taking any form of prescribed medication, please inform us of how this may affect you


I have an injury or illness can I still participate?


If you are not in good health you should NOT participate.

The team are not medically trained professionals and therefore cannot comment on individual cases, therefore we strongly recommend you consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.


If you have any questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ’s, please email fundraising@hospicegs.com