Referral process

Any healthcare professional who is responsible for a patient’s care can make a referral, either to our in-patients or out-patients unit if they live in Cheshire West and Chester, Deeside or South Wirral.

Our in-patients unit is for short-term care (on average about 10 days), and patients are admitted for a number of different reasons. Many are experiencing pain or other distressing symptoms (such as nausea and vomiting) and require help managing these symptoms and would benefit from psychological support. Once these symptoms have been addressed, approximately half of the patients will return to live in their own homes, or move into nursing homes. They will continue to receive appropriate ongoing care from the team.

Others are admitted to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd for terminal care. Our compassionate and professional team are committed to addressing a patient’s physical, emotional and psychological needs, so that those who are dying can do so with dignity and in comfort. There is more information on our in-patients department here.

Referrals can be made to our out-patients department, which provides medical clinics and complementary therapies.

Referrals to the Hospice can be faxed on 01244 851108 or by Post.

For GP Surgeries, our Hospice referral form is on your own IT system, so that you can populate the patients data direct from their records. Hospice NHS.NET address is