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Corporate Fundraising

There are many benefits for businesses to support The Hospice of the Good Shepherd. It showcases to the public their social responsibility to their local community, and staff can enjoy supporting such a vital hospice for their colleagues and families.

Working directly with you, whether you’re a large company or small local business, our dedicated team will develop an exciting and engaging partnership – tailored to you – which not only works to achieve your own business objectives, but supports the Hospice and our vital work in the local community.

Nurses wearing neon sunglasses and colourful flower necklaces holding foamtastic colour blast posters up

Fundraising opportunities

Nurses wearing neon sunglasses and colourful flower necklaces holding foamtastic colour blast posters up

Fundraise for us

There are a large number of ways to support the Hospice with your colleagues, many of which can be found here.

Fundraising with your colleagues can be a fantastic way to build teamwork and have some fun in the process. If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is that you can make a fundraising event out of just about anything, and as we return to “normal”, we can really enjoy getting out there and making a huge difference to our community again.

You can become such an important part of the Hospice team, with the exposure and funds raised.

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Charity of Choice

If your company picks a charity to support over a period of time, we would love to hear from you. We would be delighted to work alongside you, and create tailored partnership that will not only support the vital work of the Hospice, but also offer fantastic publicity and employee engagement to your organisation.

Just a small selection of the benefits of becoming a charity of choice are:

• Publicity across our site, social media and local media platforms
• Showcasing your successful Corporate Social Media (CSR) Policy to customers, clients and the local community
• Growth of your brand awareness to not only your current customers, but also a new audience from our partnership with the Hospice
• Boost to staff morale by creating a fantastic team building environment, using their expertise and passion to support a vital community Hospice

In recent research by Cone Cause Evolution, they found that consumers have an 85% more positive image of a product or company when it supports a good cause or a charity they care about.

Get in touch today to talk about how your charity partnership with the hospice could look.

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The 100 Club

Boost your business network and support your local Hospice

The Hospice of the Good Shepherd are delighted to announce a unique and exciting business club, that will not only open new doors and possibilities for your business, but also help the vital work of the Hospice.

The 100 Club is a business community with quarterly networking events and the chance to hear motivational talks from West Cheshire businesses and motivational speakers.

Membership of the 100 Club will start at just £100 a year, with optional monthly payments to cater to all businesses.

An external view of the Hospice of the Good Shepherd building

We aim to help local businesses connect with other like-minded businesses that love to support their local Hospice, and of course make connections to grow your business at the same time. Learn how your membership will make a direct and positive impact to your Hospice by contacting Alan Knell today: alan.knell@hospicegs.com.

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